Silicone Fashion Rings, 10 Piece Sets
Silicone Fashion Rings with Rhinestones A good Promise Ring
Silicone Fashion Rings, narrow or wide widths great colors
Silicone Fashion Rings, Vibrant and Fun
Silicone Fashion Rings, Vivid and Beautiful
Silicone Fashion Rings, makes a good alternative wedding ring
Silicone Fashion Rings, Many Styles to Choose From
Silicone Fashion Rings for Active Lifestyles
Silicone Fashion Rings Easy to get on and off.
Silicone Fashion Rings a perfect gift.
Silicone Fashion Rings Hypoallergenic
Silicone Fashion Rings A Great Promise or Anniversary Ring
Silicone Fashion Rings for Active Lifestyles
Silicone Fashion Rings for Active Lifestyles

Hypoallergenic Silicone Fashion Rings, 10 Ring Sets, Fanciful and Fun!

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Have An Active Lifestyle? These Stylish, Colorful and Tough Silicone Rings are Great For Work and Every Activity You Can Think Of.


Travelling and want to keep your expensive rings safe at home? These are a fantastic alternative for travel and holidays.

  • 10 RINGS IN EACH SET, plenty of choices to match your mood and style every day.

  • Makes a perfect and safe substitute for your wedding ring when travelling or engaged in activities.

  • Great to wear to the beach and safe in chlorine swimming pools too!

  • Works Great For People Who Must Use Latex / Nitrile Gloves, on and off, all day at work. The gloves slip-on and come off much easier over these premium grade silicone rings.

  • Static Free - Does Not Stick To Hair, Clothing or Fabrics.

  • Swollen Knuckles, Swollen Fingers, Work or Sporting Injuries?? - The flexibility, softness and the light weight of these rings are perfect in these situations.

  • Great For Construction or Working Around Factory or Shop Equipment,  eg; New Vehicles, Power Tools, Hand Tools, Diagnostic Medical Equipment or Instruments or any work environment where metal rings are not permitted.

  • A Great Gift for Athletes, Firefighters, Police Officers, Military Members, Electricians, Skilled Construction Workers, Medical Professionals, Engineers and Handymen and Handywomen too!

  • Makes a nice Promise Ring or an Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine's Day or any occasion gift.

  • Smooth Ergonomic Design - Perfect Comfort-fit On The Inside. Feels Nearly Weightless. Made With Top Grade, Hypoallergenic, Flexible FDA, Food Grade Silicone

  • Incredibly Durable and Strong.

Sizes: 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14     

Width: Depending on style, 2.7,3,5.7 or 8mm 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Carolyne P.

Better than I expected, light and fun. They don't make my allergies flare up as I can't wear normal jewelry. Thanks Bargain Boat.

Krystal G.

Easy to get on and off when my fingers swell. Great idea and product.

Tiffany L.

Colorful and fun to wear, I share them with my sisters. We all love them. I will order more. Thanks to the Bargain Boat.

Colleen L.

Rings are super, great for the gym. I can recommend!

Emile S.

Came in 22 days. Very nice. They are beautiful and easy to get on and off.

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