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Heavy Duty Adjustable Padded No-Choke Dog Harness.

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Walk your dog comfortably, and safely with this no choke padded, heavy-duty harness. 

Long-lasting, washable, durable, and lightweight,Breathable and skin-friendly. Padded for extra protection and comfort.

Sizes include; Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Please measure pet for size. Measure your dog's chest with a tape measure, at the widest circumference of the chest. Be sure to add an extra 0.7 -1.5 inches (2-3cm) (You should be able to slip one finger under the harness so it's not too tight for your dog.) 

Built-in handle: The dog harness has a sturdy handle on the back for control and training. Adjustable straps around neck & chest. The adjustable harness can prevent your dog from being hurt while it is growing. It is the ideal harness for walking, jogging, hiking or training.

Quick control: Two quick released buckles, one is around the neck and the other around the chest which makes it easy to put on and take off.  

Perfect design: The no pull handle is connected with the body of the harness providing the best stress point to control your excited friend. The D-ring in the back can be attached to any leash. The straps are designed to go over the belly and not rub against the legs. When properly adjusted there is no stress on your dog's neck and no choking if the dog pulls on the harness.

    Material: 100% polyester and canvas.

      Size              Neck / cm(inch)                        Chest / cm(inch)

      S              40-48cm / 15.74-18.89inch        45-51cm / 17.71-20.07inch 

      M             45-54cm / 17.71-21.25inch        52-60cm / 20.47-23.62inch 

      L              54-67cm / 21.25-26.37inch       63-77cm / 24.80-30.31inch 

      XL           60-70cm / 23.61-27.55inch        72-91cm / 28.34-35.82inch 

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 29 reviews
      Bernadine K.

      Labrador is large size, fits just right. I ordered a second time.

      Kasey H.

      Delivery is fast, on my husky puppy, the size M is slightly too big, but he is still growing. I ordered another larger size, for growth.

      Madilyn K.

      I really liked the harness. My puppy (5 months, 14 kg) it fits great.

      Leann G.

      The quality is good, well sewn, the color is bright, the fastening works fine. But the size is a bit too large for my Corgi.

      Randy J.

      It fits like a glove. It's for my puppy Rottweiler 11 months.

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